We provide core and support services to individuals living with HIV disease.

These comprehensive services include:

Medical Case Management

Non-Medical Case Management

Scattered Site Housing

Permanent Supportive Housing Assistance

Treatment Adherence

Medical Nutritional Therapy

Weekly Lunches

Food Pantry on-site (thanks to the Gemma Moran UW food center)

Early Intervention Services

Syringe Access Program

HIV Testing and Prevention Services

340B Pharmacy


Medical Case Management

This is the provision of a range of client-centered activities focused on improving the health outcomes in support of the HIV care continuum. Medical Case Management includes all types of case management encounters (face to face, phone contact, and any other forms of communication). Key activities include, assessment of needs, development of individualized care plans, referrals to HIV care, continuous monitoring of the plan, treatment adherence and client advocacy.

Non-Medical Case Management

Non-Medical Case Management services provide guidance and assistance in accessing medical, social, community, legal, financial, and other needed services. Non-Medical Case management services may also include assisting eligible clients to obtain access to other public and private programs, for which they might be eligible


AFL has scattered-site, permanent supportive housing program that assists clients who are chronically homeless, or at risk of homelessness. Case managers can also assist clients with apartment searches and referrals to agencies that assist with first month’s rent and/or emergency rental assistance.

Treatment Adherence Program (TAP)

Client can meet with a treatment adherence nurse to manage and explain complex medication regimens. The treatment adherence nurse can also review creative ways to manage medication schedules and offer adherence devices.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Clients experiencing nutritional issues can be referred to our Licensed Registered Dietician. This service includes nutritional assessment and screening, a dietary evaluation, nutritional supplements, and/or nutritional counseling. All services must be pursuant to a medical provider’s referral.


Early Intervention Services

The Early Intervention Specialist (EIS) provides support services that include identification of individuals at points of entry and access to HIV testing and targeted counseling and testing, referral services, and linkage to care. The EIS also supports clients for health education and literacy training, enabling clients to effectively navigate the HIV system of care. EIS coordinates outreach services and health education for risk reduction related to HIV diagnosis.

HIV Testing

Alliance for Living offers free HIV testing on-site using 4th generation technology Antibody and Antigen Combination Test. Results for the test are available within 20 minutes. This test is very reliable and can detect HIV within 15 days of exposure.

Syringe Access Program

Fridays from 12:00PM-3:OOPM The Syringe Access Program allows individuals to exchange used syringes for new ones. The program also allows clients to get other supplies and information/referrals as needed.